Product Application
Disinfecting and washing the wounded areas of skin prevent the formation of bacterial colonies and infections. In this way, by elimination of infectious agents, a good opportunity can be provided for the improvement process and the structure of new cells. Hexasept, an strong and stable disinfectant and cleansing solution for open wounds and burns, is based on Chlorhexidine Digluconate %1. This solution, which is free of side effects, iritation, scent, and color, is able to continue its antimicrobial effects in the presence of blood and tissue compositions. Extremely powerful and long lasting effect of Hexasept against a wide range of pathogens has made this solution the best choice for disinfecting open wounds and burns, and a safe alternative to iodine compounds (Betadine). 


In order to disinfect and wash open wounds, use an adequate amount of the solution commensurate with the extent of the wound.  This solution will do its utmost microbial activity after one minute. After using the solution, wrap the area in gauze bandages. 

Mode of Action
Chlorhexidine Digluconate, through its cationic electrostatic property, sticks to the cell membrane and eventually, by the rupture of the cell membrane, causes the removal and destruction of the cell contents. Chlorhexidine, through phosphate clusters, is absorbed into the cytoplasmic membrane and then runs its unique function. This compound forces the cell contents with low molecular weight such as potassium to exit, and causes the heavier contents such as nucleic acids to leave the cytoplasmic system as sediment by creating phosphate complexes. 



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